Feed the hungry!!
You can now sponsor meals for the hungry in 1 click !!
at just Rs 18/- per meal box
We are in the midst of the pandemic which has forced many daily wagers to unemployment.
Many people are struggling to make their ends meet.

We have partnered with Zomato Feeding India to arrange meal packets distribution drive every Saturday.

A typical meal box contains either biryani or Dal-Chawal or
Chole-Chawal or Rajma-Chawal along with pickle

Scroll down for the details of upcoming drives
How it works?
You choose to sponsor whole or a portion of a drive and pay directly to the vendor. URHope-Foodbank does not accept any donations.
Pledge to sponsor a drive →
Click the Sponsor Now button below. It takes less than 5 seconds to contact us.

We contact you and share all relevant details
This includes area for the drive, who the beneficiaries are, what the meal packet will contain and exact costs.
You pay the caterer directly
Donors directly pay to the vendor's or the distributing organization's bank account
We do the rest
Our team assists you in placing order. The caterer prepares the meals. Our volunteers pick it up and distribute it in the recognised area.
We share the details with you
You get pictures and videos from the drive. Your name is marked on packets as sponsor. We give a shout on our socials. You feel good :D!!
Upcoming meal distribution drives
We arrange a meal distribution drive every weekend
*It is possible to sponsor a portion of a drive. Click on the Sponsor Now button above and message us.

Our Past Drives

So far we have facilitated the distribution of 8000+
meals to people in Delhi and Ghaziabad with the help of Zomato Feeding India, along with several organizations : Janman Org, CPLO (Central Ladies postal Organisation), Giggles Welfare Org

What you get?
100% transparency
You make the payment to the vendor directly. We share pictures of meals being cooked, transported and distributed after the drive.
1 click sponsor
All you have to do is click on Sponsor Now button and message us. We take care of everything else. 
Social media shout
We give a shout to you on insta and facebook. You can also get featured on our website if you wish to. 
Feel good
You get the satisfaction of feeding the hungry and making a difference.