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Tiffins/Cooked meals
-> Verified on - 19-June
9724359568 | 8460850129
  • Rusvi Gandhi
    -> Free of cost
    -> Pre order 1 day before
    -> Lunch and dinner, for whole family, patients and relatives both
    -> Contents - 4 rotis, sabzi, dal, salad, rice
    -> Can provide Gujrati food such as kadi, etc
  • THANE Mumbai, Marathwada
    -> Verified on - 19-June
    Gurudwara Shri Guru Nanak Darbar
    -> Pre-order 4-5 hours before
    -> both relatives and patients free meals
    -> Lunch - Fruit, sabzi, chawal, roti, dal
    -> Dinner - Roti, vegetable usually light
    -> Free of cost
    -> Verified on - 19-June
    Hotel Nirmalganga Nasik hospitals
    -> Pre-order at least 12 hours before
    -> patients and relatives both
    -> both Lunch Dinner, free meals salad, sabzi (gravy+dry) dal, rice, sprouts, boiled egg, roti
-> Verified on - 19-June
  • Dhara Cafe
    -> Only Takeaway
    -> Must pre-order 1 day before
    -> Free meals both Lunch and dinner
    -> No fixed meals, can order whatever need, mostly dal, chawal sabzi, roti
    -> in evening khichdi can provide
Mohali, Ludhiana, Chandigarh
-> Verified on - 19-June
  • Unheard Cry, along with Rev Bruce
    -> People who are admitted in hospitals, relatives and the patient themselves.
    -> Capacity 70+ Free of cost Rice, pulses, Aata, spices, oil Can
    -> provide medicines, cylinders if needed to patient
    -> Free of cost meals
    -> No need to pre-order
    -> High protein meal
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