Feed the hungry!!
URHope-Foodbank is a unified platform which facilitates food and emergency support by connecting the govt., non-govt entities, individual donors, volunteers and the ones in need all across India.

Hot Meals distributed


Meals through dry ration


Blankets distributed
A glimple into our relief work
Know someone who needs dry ration?
Message us on WhatsApp at +91 80854 18279
You can talk to our volunteers who will verify the request, and try to help the
help-seeker. We interact with government bodies, NGOs & our donors to do the needful.
Fill this short form Click here
Give us the details about the request. It will only take 30 seconds.
Our volunteers will connect with the help seeker within 24 hours.
Contact NGOs directly
You can use our FoodMap to directly connect with NGOs in your district.
Just enter your location on the map, click on the marker to view the verified food NGOs in your area and you can contact them directly.
How you can help as donor?
URHope-Foodbank does not directly accept donations.
We connect you to people who are in need.
You can sign up for donating 1 or more Ration Kits, each kit costs around Rs. 600.
We will assist you in reaching out to a verified person in need and in a transparent transaction.
Fill the form below. It takes less than 30 seconds.
Tell us how many ration kits you can pledge.
We contact you when someone needs help
We only ask our donors for help if no other NGO or food distribution initiative is able to provide support.
You help people directly
We will assist you in ordering a ration kit & delivering it directly to the help seeker
Our Frequent Collaborators
We work with various food delivery initiatives all over India and we're growing our network every day
Amritesh Srivastava
Project Lead Foodbank India

I am a Software Engineer from Delhi with a passion for helping the underprivileged.

Most of us are ready to serve the people in real need, but are unable to do so because of poor connectivity between donors, charity organisations, volunteers and help seekers!

With Foodbank, we are trying to solve that problem and we need your help.

I pledge 60 ration kits to FoodBank, and I ask you to join me in my fight against hunger.

Priya Sharma
URHope-Foodbank Lead
I am a qualitative researcher and a doctoral candidate at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at IIT Bombay. My primary interest lies in the area of social-justice. With URHope-Foodbank, we aim to connect the ones who are in the need of food with the ones who can provide it.

Though 2020 seem dreadful in many ways, I have seen many strangers come together and do wonderfully well in helping the disadvantaged section in this pandemic. For me, it is yet another indication of the vast positivity, care and strength that we as a society are capable of.

I invite you all to come join us in this journey.